Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Evil Twins!

I did a photo shoot with twins Mary & Elizabeth. I really wanted them to look different and I was inspired by "Evil Twins" I wanted to do complete opposite looks on them. As twins they have always been associated with each other so I really wanted their individual personalities to shine through.

Here's a shot of both of them before:

Elizabeth Before
Mary Before

Elizabeth's After Photos 
We chose her for more of an innocent look. She has softer features which I think suits the curls & gives her a very angelic look. 

Mary's After Photos 
I wanted to do something more extreme on Mary, she has a longer face and the style really accentuates that. The combination of hair & makeup make her look much older than her sister. 

 Here are some shots of both of them together, the "Evil Twins"

Photography by Dean Goodwin.

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