Sunday, September 26, 2010

Photo Shoot!

I did a photo shoot recently, and here are some of the pictures from it. Makeup was done by Lydia Parris and Christine Spence, photography was done by Stacy Hylton.

This model has naturally curly hair that is slightly texturized, which in chemical terms is a very mild relaxer that is not left on for very long. Just enough to break down the curl just slightly so you can still wear it curly, but it makes it much easier to blowdry & style on your own.
For this look, I blowdried her hair straight with a paddle brush. The best way to blowdry afro-textures is to start at the ends and then work your way to the root. The paddle brush also enables you to efficiently get to the root, so you can get it straight. After blowdrying, I went through with the flat iron to smooth it out & add some loose curls to her ends.

I did this model's colour as well as style. She has naturally straight fine hair, so I used lots of mousse and blowdried her hair wavy with a roundbrush, leaving them in to cool down. After it was dry I went through the ends of her hair with the flat iron to add a bit more definition.

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