Saturday, September 11, 2010

Not Pretty in Pink

My latest colour correction was not something that I see every day. I had seen this client once before and she had naturally pale pale blonde hair and was colouring it a slightly darker shade of blonde. She came to see me because she coloured her hair at home using red hair colour, and the result was a lot brighter than what she expected:

This client has naturally super curly hair, so it was naturally quite dry and it was also somewhat damaged from heat styling & colouring so I wanted to fix her colour, but also keeping it in the best condition possible. The healthiest, easiest & most reliable way to fix this colour would be to have her go darker and tone it down with an ash, however she was naturally blonde and wanted to stay as light as possible. It was a challenge, but I was up for it.

Her ends were darker than her roots so I went in and lightened her hair starting at the ends and then once the colour on the ends matched the roots I finished applying the roots to get an even colour. After that was done and red was mostly toned down but it was more of a pink colour, her roots were still slightly lighter and were more of a pastel pink. Her ends were still healthy enough so we decided to lighten her ends to try and match it up to her root. I didn't want to compromise her hair too much so we did not leave it on for too long but we were able to get out most of the red, her hair overall was a pale pink. I'd never ever had to tone pink to a natural before, but when toning reds you use ashes. Pink is almost the same as red so I used a dark blonde ash/natural colour and it toned down pretty nicely:

The pink showed through slightly in some spots, but we were able to get most of it out and give her a colour that she can live with. And that is why you don't colour your hair at home.

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