Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Product Review: Living Proof No Frizz

Over the past few months I have been seeing this new product line appearing everywhere. I'm sure you've seen it around. The frizz logo makes it hard to forget, and it makes you wonder will it really leave my hair with no frizz? Anything I read about this product line said that the formula is completely different than anything else and is called a "revolutionary" product. The newest technology in 30 years to combat frizz called PolyfluoroEster blocks your hair from humidity and locks in the moisture in a way that silicones can't... or so they say. Time to find out.

I have to admit I've actually been using this product for a while now. I have not done the review yet because I was playing with the idea of cutting my hair short. My hair was still slightly damaged from previous colouring and heat styling, and as a result the ends were still slightly straight. I tried to grow it out by trimming it off each time and keeping the new growth healthy to maintain the curl. Unfortunately as it grew longer the straight ends started acting much like split ends. They keep traveling up the hair shaft and won't get better unless completely cut off. So that's what I did. Now that it's cut and healthy here is what my hair looks like not styled, no product air dried.

No curl definition, kind of just looks like a fuzzy ball. The picture makes it look nice though, it's a lot frizzier than it looks. This is why I need product. It won't curl unless it has a lot of moisture. Now that it's short I don't need any extra volume so I just dry it with my hand dry gloves (shown above) until most of the moisture is out and air dry the rest. 

To start I shampooed and conditioned with Living Proof's Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner, and followed with the Styling Treatment wave shaping, curl defining for medium to thick hair. There are three styling aids for curly hair, a spray for finer hair, and two creams. One for medium to thick hair and one for thick to coarse hair. 

The Shampoo and Conditioner are sulfate free and all the products I used are paraben free also. A lot of sulfate free shampoos tend to be too gentle, and if you use a lot of product and don't shampoo often (like myself) or if you use silicones in your hair they won't really clean your hair. I've tried some that actually make your hair feel more oily. Living Proof's shampoo was very effective in removing any product build up I had while still not stripping off all of my scalps natural oils. Which is what a good sulfate free shampoo should do. The conditioner did a great job of keeping my hair moisturized. The day I shampoo my hair my curls tend to be very fluffy and frizz up quickly, so I try to shampoo on my day off. This is probably the first shampoo I've used that I would actually shampoo my hair on a day I have to work. They're not super heavy either so if you have finer curly hair you can definitely use it too. 

So here's what my hair looks like after using the Styling Treatment. 

As I mentioned earlier, I used the wave shaping, curl defining for medium to thick hair however I have also used the thick to coarse hair one as well. Because the packaging is the same when I went to my distributor I accidentally picked up the wrong one, so I figured I'd try it out anyways. Both of them actually worked great in my hair, the thick to coarse one made it a little bit crunchy (or if you use too much it will go crunchy).Though once it was completely dry I scrunched it out with my fingers and the crunchiness went away. It completely blocked my hair from the humidity and truly does keep the moisture locked in. I have actually never been more impressed with a curly hair product in my life. Although I'm not really a fan of the smell, it actually really turned me off at first. Someone mentioned that they could smell a bit of a grapefruit scent which totally makes sense because I hate grapefruit. But if it works I don't care what it smells like. 

It is a little more expensive than most salon products. I don't have a problem spending money on products if they're good quality, and these products are definitely worth the price. The shampoo and conditioner are average and should last a long time anyways. The styling cream retails at $26 for a 4oz. bottle, but that's also what you pay for the latest technology, good quality product that works. Let me know what you think of it if you've tried it! 

They also have "Straight" and "Full" as well which I'm very excited to try. I've stopped doing my "Product of the Week" because I'd prefer to focus on doing more in depth reviews of products like this one. As much as I love Living Proof Frizz, I have lots more curly hair products I'm trying out also, so there will be lots more to come. 

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