Friday, April 8, 2011

Product of the Week!

So if you've been following me on twitter (@llisahair) you've probably noticed my #ProductoftheWeek tweets. Well I've decided to do a product of the week blog post. Since twitter only allows you to use 150 words and I have SO much to day about these products I felt it was absolutely necessary! 
Now let me backtrack a little so I can talk about my previous chosen products and why I love them.

Sebastian Potion 9

This product is fantastic because it is a treatment-styler. It will moisturize the hair while protecting it from further damage. It's not heavy so it can be used on almost any hair type, if you have fine hair there is Potion 9 Light as well. It's very versatile can be used wet or dry.
 I have actually discovered it works very well with my curls when they are dry. Sometimes my hair gets frizzy midday, I'll work a small amount through the ends and it works amazing. Seals them right down and keeps them moisturized. There's also a mini size so you can keep one in your purse just in case. 

Marrakesh Oil

I really like this oil, this whole line is quite heavy though and I mainly recommend this to people with very dry, coarser hair types. It gives amazing shine in very dull dry hair when blowdried smooth. It's similar to Morrocan Oil, with Argan Oil as one of it's main ingredients as well as Hemp Seed Extract. They both help keep the hair smooth, shiny and moisturized. The great thing is that it will not turn blondes brassy because it is completely clear. This is one that a little goes a long way, it's very concentrated, that's why it's in a small bottle. Just use a little little bit it is very spreadable and I've rarely had to use more than a quarter size in the thickest hair. 

 Goldwell Kerasilk Instant Silk Fluid

This is another amazing treatment hair product. It is great for blowdrying smooth and keeping it smooth all day. It has silk extract in it which is a natural protein for the hair. It makes your hair super soft and actually feel like silk. It's not very heavy but again, concentrated so don't use too much. It won't weigh down fine hair, just apply a tiny bit to the ends of the hair.
Can also be used dry to tame flyaways or smooth the ends after a blowout, or however you choose.
 Sebastian Shapers

Sebastian Shapers line of hairspray are probably the best hairsprays I have ever used. Re-Shaper, Zero Gravity, Shaper Fierce as well as their classic Shapers and Shapers Plus are all workable, breathable sprays you can run your hands through it or brush through it without it flaking. You can also layer them for maximum hold.
An important thing to remember with aerosol hairspray is to spray from far away. Everybody always says hairspray is bad for the hair and that is only when you spray too close, if you spray from far any alcohol that is in the spray will actually dissolve before reaching the hair, whereas if it's too close the alcohol won't vaporize and the hairspray will be wet feeling.

And finally this week we have TIGI Catwalk Blow Out Balm

This is great for different things depending on your hair type. It can be used in any hair to make it straight with amazing shine, but if your hair is thick and curly it is amazing for blowdrying soft smooth waves in the hair with no frizz. Can be used wet or dry and protects from the humidity.

If anybody has any questions, recommendations on products to try out give me a shout! I'd love to hear what you think about these products every week, if you've tried them out any other ways you like to use them.

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